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Offering the best of both worlds, the role of a consultant helps you keep one foot in the corporate world while the other is free to roam, offering flexibility, challenge, and balance for your career and life. With the ongoing evolution of business, consultants are in demand more than ever across all segments, including strategy, technology, marketing and employee relations.

A Consultation for the Consultant

If you’re considering a career as a consultant, consider this a free consultation into what it involves, how to set up a business and attract clientele, best practices for project and time management, and how to set rates and establish cash flow. Just like the role of a consultant, this comprehensive guide is intended to give you the resources to apply to your personal situation to make an informed decision.

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What is a freelancing?

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When you retire at 65+ you get a fixed monthly fee for the rest of your life. This isn’t a variable rate, this is a fixed annuity that you will get till you die.

Freelance Taxes

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Freelancing Will Change Your Life

You can invest as much as you would like each month, no limits. The more you invest, the more you’ll get each month when you retire.

Want to cash-out your annuity? You can cash out at any time. Yes, there are a few fees to bring out your money early. Typically this ranges from 8% – 10% as your money is invested in . The longer you have your money invested, the lower that fee becomes.

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Are you experienced, talented, and have a unique skillset that any organization would love to acquire? Would you rather work for yourself than someone else? Then you may want to consider becoming a consultant.


Fortunately, you’re not alone.


Consulting is a business that’s on the rise for both clients and the self-employed. In fact, research conducted by Source Information Services discovered that 42% of clients surveyed planned to bring in more consultants in the near future.


If being a consultant is starting to look more and more like a promising career path, then here is a guide to help you get started.

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