The Five Best Annuities for Retirees

7 Ways to Save Money on a Personal Office Space

Whether you’ve recently retired, are five years out, or have parents approaching retirement, an annuity can help build tax-deferred savings. Why’s that important? Because this money can be put towards healthcare, medical or living expenses. But, the main reason why annuities are such an appealing retirement vehicle? They provide a guaranteed lifetime income. And, that […]

Small Business Owners: 6 Tips to Help You Retire

small business owners

Many retirees admit retirement sneaks up on them. That problem could become even more prominent for small business owners who feel they need to focus on the here-and-now aspects of making their companies succeed more than anything else. A 2019 survey found that 34% of small business owners don’t have retirement plans. The research also […]

Online Invoicing Tools for Copywriters

When you tell someone you are a freelance copywriter, you most likely get “oohs and ahhs” with people thinking how glamorous it must be to dash off some clever words and make tons of money while working from the comfort of your home. Others just think you don’t even have a job or they think […]

The State of Programming

With so much reliance on our computers and smartphones, it seems like technology controls our lives. Behind the scenes are the programmers who are creating software and apps that now define everything we do. From traditional programming jobs to freelance programmers and outsource programmers – the industry for programmers looks bright. Here is a roundup […]

10 Steps to Take Now for a Tax-Free Retirement

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“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin wrote in a 1789 letter. The significance between that often-cited quotation? It’s often the first attribution to the adage, “Nothing is certain except for death […]

10 Ways to Boost Your Retirement Savings (Without Extra Money)

Boost Your Retirement Savings

Work. Save. Retire. When it comes to retirement planning, that’s the boring advice we’ve been told ad nausem. And, even though we might be tired of hearing it, saving is indispensable if you want to live comfortably in retirement. According to Fidelity Investments, by the age of 67, you should have 10 times your income […]

Best Free Apps Every Freelancer Should Use

Useful Apps

If you’re looking to make your work life easier as a freelancer or small business owner, here are some of the best free apps to help you out. Whether you need a mini-scanner at your fingertips or offload a mini “brain dump” of work details that you can quickly access when needed, there are many free […]

6 Tax Tips for Freelancers

As the dreaded tax season looms, we are all forced to gather our numbers and figure out our situation.  Freelancers have a bit more to think about, as your expenses (a.k.a “write offs) are directly correlated to your tax liability.  I will dip into my almost decade experience in tax accounting in hopes of shedding some […]