Scaling the Getting Out of Debt Pyramid


Scaling the getting out of debt pyramid can be near impossible. Being free of debt has to be one of the best feelings because you don’t have payments hanging over your head. You are no longer looking at a paycheck as a payment source. Instead, you can think about saving up or buying something. Your […]

Make Money Online

make money online

You’re reading this guide because you want to make money online. You, my friend, are in the right place to make this happen. Today, I’m going to teach you a few of the following things: How to make money online; How much you can earn online; Where to go to earn money online; How to […]

Start Gathering Your Receipts for Taxes Now

Receipts for Taxes

On a recent blustery weekend, I decided to organize my desk. It seemed like a good idea. After all, it’s not like I had any other plans with it being so miserable outside — there’s also a pandemic going around. As I shuffled through the paperwork that’s been piling up, a rush of feeling overwhelmed […]

What are the Functions of Your Money?

functions of your money

What are the Functions of Your Money? Barrett Strong once sang, “Now, give me money (That’s what I want).” Donna Summer proclaimed that we work hard for money and the Beatles believed it couldn’t buy love. Pink Floyd, so they say, consider money the root of all evil today. According to Biggie, the more money […]

Plan For and Build an Emergency Fund

Got a plan to build an emergency fund? It might be a good thing to start. Years ago, while still trying to establish myself as a freelancer, I heard a bloodcurdling sound emitting from my car. It appeared to be the squealing of brakes. And, since brakes are kind of important, I made an appointment […]

Protect Your Money Right Now

protect your money

You’re on your way from work when you remembered that you needed to pick up milk. You spot a convenience store and quickly run it. Because you’re only going to be a couple of minutes, you leave your car unlocked. When you jump back in, you immediately realize that your phone and Ray-Bans that you […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Business Afloat During a Rough Financial Period

how to save more money

The scary (or exciting) thing about business is that things can change at any moment. All it takes is one little incident or unfortunate circumstance and your company’s entire situation and outlook can change, for better or worse. The question is, are you prepared to keep your business afloat during a rough financial period that […]

Why Are E-Payments so Effective for Small Businesses?

If you’re a small business in today’s market, you’re probably connecting with clients through the internet, frequently on social media. Why not accept payments through the internet as well? If you’re new to the whole e-payment thing and feeling concerned about the validity of services like Due, Venmo, and PayPal, read on to find out […]

5 Great Short Term Investments for 2017

Invest your Money

With 2017, there has come about a great deal of change. We saw the beginning of the Trump Administration after the January inauguration. We can expect significant policy and legislative initiatives that will affect investments and the financial world significantly in the future. If you are looking to park your money somewhere, but want to […]

3 Smart Tips For Increasing Your Rates With Existing Clients

Picture this scenario: you’ve been working with a particular client for three years now — one of your favorite clients — but you’re stuck with the rates you first charged this client. New clients are paying more, your skills have improved, the economy is much worse and things are much more expensive, but you’re still […]