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Author: John Rampton


  • Founder and CEO of Due
  • "Top Online Influencer in the World" by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Time Magazine recognized John as a motivations speaker that helps people find a "Sense of Meaning" in their lives
  • Proud father of two strong, smart and outgoing little girls


    John Rampton is an entrepreneur and connector. When he was 23 years old while attending the University of Utah he was hurt in a construction accident. His leg was snapped in half. He was told by 13 doctors he would never walk again. Over the next 12 months he had several surgeries, stem cell injections and learned how to walk again. During this time he studied and mastered how to make money work for you, not against you. He has since taught thousands through books, courses and written over 5000 articles online about finance, entrepreneurship and productivity. He has been recognized as the Top 50 Online Influencers in the World by Entrepreneur Magazine, Finance Expert by Time and Blogging Expert by Forbes. He is the Founder and CEO of Due.


    John Rampton is the founder and CEO of Due. He is an expert at finance and enjoys helping people find their purpose in life while not worrying about money the whole time. John has a philosophy in his life and business: 1 in every 10 people you help will help you back. 1 in every 100 people you help will turn into a financial relationship. 1 in every 1000 people you help will turn into a multi-million dollar relationship over time. This means that you need to help 3 people a day and you'll be on your way to building a multi-million dollar relationship. When we talk about helping people, this means completely helping people without wanting anything in return. Helping brings joy. Helping has proved to be the most successful driver of business that I've ever seen. John has been featured in CNBC, Fortune, NY Times, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, TechCrunch, Mashable, Huffington Post and thousands more. He is a frequent guest on Fox News, Bloomberg and Cheddar.


    John graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors in Economics in 2007. John attended Stanford University in 2012 but never completed his Masters in Economics with an emphasis in Finance. John taught finance and entrepreneurship at the University of Art in San Francisco in 2013 till 2016. John was a guest lecturer of Finance at Stanford University from 2014-2019.


    John is studying and working on hours to become a CFP – Certified Financial Planner. He is also working on becoming ChFC – Chartered Financial Consultant.
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